Arizona Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment Instructions

Arizona Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment Instructions

Taxpayers have two options for paying their Arizona pass-through entity tax payment: online or by mail. Taxpayers who submit their returns online have the option to request a direct debit (electronic money withdrawal) from a checking or savings account. They will also have the option to pay with a major credit card or debit card.

Address To Mail Arizona Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment​

You can also mail the payment, along with the top portion of the billing notice, to the address provided. Taxpayers who have not received a billing notice can mail payments to:

Arizona Dept. of Revenue
PO Box 52016
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9085

Individuals and small businesses can make payments online at https://aztaxes.gov/ if they have already filed a tax return. You can make a payment using major credit cards, debit cards and e-checks.

Step By Step Guide To Make Arizona Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment​

Step 1: Go to https://aztaxes.gov (website linked above)

Step 2: Click on “Make a Corporation/S-Corporation/Partnership Payment” under quick payment links.

Step 3: Select payment type and year type then click “Continue”.

Step 4: Complete the required fields annotated with a red asterisk and click “Continue”.

Step 5: Select payment method, amount, settlement date and check box if applicable and click “Continue”.

Step 6: Depending on payment method;

  • For echeck: Fill in your routing number, account number and account type.
  • For credit card: Accept the conditions and click “Continue”.
  • Fill in your credit card type, card number, expiration date and signature panel code.

Step 7: Review information and submit

Step 8: Click “Continue” and receive confirmation. You will then be allowed to print your receipt. We recommend you do so for your records.

Contact APEX

For more detailed Arizona pass-through entity tax payment instructions or support on your taxes, please reach out to our Tax Team or give us a call at 623.250.6544.