Apex CPAs & Consultants Deliver With Vision, Guidance & Growth.

At Apex CPAs & Consultants Inc., we understand that the success of your business is intertwined with your personal journey. We believe that by helping your business flourish, we can empower you to achieve your life’s goals.

Our mission is rooted in our commitment to our clients: to guide them towards the realization of their dreams through the success of their businesses. This dedication has shaped our vision, which is driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. We are the most valuable strategic partner for growth-minded business owners, providing the insights and support needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Who We Are

We Are Specialized

While we service a broad range of industries, we have very specialized experience with technology, manufacturers, wholesalers, construction contractors and suppliers, professional services and retail business.

We Invest In Our People

As your most trusted advisor, our commitment to continuing education for our team provides us with the necessary tools to provide cutting edge service. Every one of our team members invests a minimum of 40 hours annually in professional training specially tailored to serve our clients.

We Are Committed To Quality

Our firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Illinois CPA Society. Our firm undergoes a Peer Review every three years by a group of specially trained independent CPA’s who test our quality control system. Although this is a voluntary program, our proactive approach ensures that our firm meets the highest of standards. We have received the highest rating issued under this program at each review since the firm’s inception.

We Are A Wealth Of Resources

We are also members of CPA Connect, Inc., an international association of independent accounting firms. This provides us with access to resources and professional expertise throughout the country, as well as internationally. We have affiliations with firms in over 35 states and international representation in over 90 countries around the world. Though our client base is primarily located in the Chicagoland area, it is reassuring to know that when national and international issues arise, we have resources to effectively provide the right solutions.

In today’s competitive business climate, timely and meaningful financial information is vital to the success of any business. At Apex, we are committed to providing high-quality accounting and consulting services in a most efficient manner. Let Apex prove its worth.

We Deliver With Vision Guidance & Growth

Our Values

Our core values are not just the foundation of our company; they are woven into our very name—Apex:

Add Value

We are passionate about delivering innovative solutions that drive growth and create lasting impact for our clients.

People Matter

We recognize the importance of fostering strong relationships and supporting the well-being of our clients, team members, and community.

Education & Learning

We embrace continuous learning and share our knowledge to empower clients and team members to make informed decisions.


Our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work drives us to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Our Mission

At Apex, our mission is to help our clients achieve their life’s goals through the success of their business.

Our Vision

Our entrepreneurial spirit and relentless commitment drives us to be the most valuable strategic partner to growth-minded business owners, as we help them achieve their life’s goals.